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Finding the one can be hard,
let us help you do it.
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Be introduced to someone that fits your needs, lifestyle, and preferences - Someone truly compatible for you.

Find out more and get started


Be introduced to someone that fits your needs, lifestyle, and desires - Someone truly compatible for you.

Find out more and get started

What are VIP Love Introductions/Matchmaking?

VIP Love Introductions made by the Love Experts at Love And Matchmaking can be defined as “THE ONE you may be looking for”. These are the Personal Matchmaking selections that have helped us earn Five Stars and the notoriety as being some of the Best Matchmakers nationwide. These amazing singles can fit with who you are and what you want.

At Love and Matchmaking, we focus on the destination, not just the journey. We are a Confidential and PRIVATE Elite Matchmaking Service for those looking for attractive, intelligent and REAL matches.

We are widely considered America’s Best Matchmaking Company.   We do things differently.   We do things properly.   We get our clients into REAL relationships.       Read More... Get in touch with us now!

We also offer the following services:

Date Coaching

Do you feel lost? Lonely? Frustrated? Rejected? Are you having problems getting over your ex? Is online dating getting you nowhere? Are you wasting your time on bad dates? 

Our contemporary Date Coaching methods can help you maneuver the fast-paced world of dating today. We help you get YOU back... and back into the saddle - with positivity, control and success!

Relationship Coaching

Has your relationship become stagnant? In a rut? Is it time to take it to the next level... or simply get out? Do you need to save it? Have you been asking, "Where has our spice gone?" 

Our Relationship Coaching strategies can help you (and your partner) figure out what to do next. Whether you privately take the lead, or both of you work together, we can bring you to a place of communication, direction, love, sex and clarity - with real, practical solutions.

Online Dating Profile Refinement

Writer's block? Not sure which photos best represent you? Scared you are going to say the wrong thing? Not getting the CLICKS you want? Getting SWIPED the wrong way? 

With our Online Dating Profile Refinement guidance we can help you put forth the best possible version of yourself - that is still truthful to who you really are. You’ll have the tools you need to attract what you want, and need, in a partner. We’ll coach you through the process… so you can get on more real right dates than wrong time wasting chats.

Meet Our Love Experts

Destin Pfaff and Rachel Federoff

With global awareness from Bravo TV's hit series *Millionaire Matchmaker*, Destin Pfaff and Rachel Federoff are an internationally renowned Five Star VIP Matchmaking, Relationship Coach and Love Expert team. With over twenty years of combined experience, Destin and Rachel have helped both singles and those in relationships with their love problems... 

Read More

Mallory Love

As the Chief Operating Officer of Love And Matchmaking, Mallory Love is one of the company's most successful matchmakers. Through cultural understanding, insight analysis and her straight forward approach, Mallory brings an unparalleled expertise for building those long-lasting relationships clients are looking for...
Read More

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Elite Matchmaking in Seattle, WA

Matchmaking in Seattle

Matchmaking is fun in the Emerald City.  Seattle is a vibrant town with a rich artistic subculture which blends with the ever-growing high-tech industry like the rich blends of coffee found in her many cafés. 

There is no end to the fun you can have in Seattle from the luscious greenery of the city which lends to its famous nickname to the deep blue Pacific coast and endless islands nearby.

Seattle is well known for its music scene (Nirvana anyone?) while its bar and café scene is almost unmatched in the country.

Whether you catch a Moulin Rouge styled burlesque show at the Can Can at Pike Place Market or you head for cocktails with a view to die for at Elliott Bay at Salty’s on Alki beach, you’re in the right place and mood for a great date!

See views and reach the heights on the Big Wheel – a massive Ferris wheel at the waterfront where you can hold hands and share some cotton candy or reach even higher with a trip up the Space Needle.

Destin & Rachel of make matching in Seattle fun and effective with great events for VIP Love Introductions and with the high-end personal attention paid to their affluent clientele.

Not only is Seattle a safe and clean town but it boasts all the goodies for a fantastic time out with your date.  Try your own walking-food tour in the International District by heading to 12th and Jackson and start walking and sampling until you find the perfect food.  There are restaurants and stalls (Uwajimaya) where you can taste foods from around the globe.

Seattle is a thriving LGBT town with lots to do.  Catch drag shows from “Dragula” to “Dungeons and Drag Queens” or for ladies hit the Wildrose at Capitol Hill or grab drinks at Jabu’s Pub in Lower Queen Anne.  There are great public LGBT events throughout the year so don’t miss them.

Millionaire Matchmakers Destin & Rachel of offer their elite clientele a variety of special events for VIP Love Introductions while their unique proprietary system blends technical data-analysis and hands-on personalized matching to offer elite singles the opportunity to ditch the apps, dating sites and tacky bar scene and to meet wonderful singles in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

The matching process is specifically designed and refined to provide very accurate matches based on more than just data.  As world-renowned Matchmakers, Destin & Rachel have many years of experience in matching amazing singles based on more than just data but on the more personal things that really matter.

If you want to meet great successful singles in the Emerald City don’t hesitate to join our Seattle Matchmaking database or reach out to us for information on our personal matchmaking services.

Live in-town and want to meet amazing successful singles?  Sign-up for our Love Database.




LoveAndMatchmaking's Elite Matchmaking Services are available Nationwide.  Here are some featured cities.

Matchmaking in Alamo, CA

Matchmaking in Alexandria, VA

Matchmaking in Atlanta, GA

Matchmaking in Beverly Hills, CA

Matchmaking in Birgmingham, AL

Matchmaking in Boston, MA

Matchmaking in Chicago, IL

Matchmaking in Dallas, TX

Matchmaking in Las Vegas, NV

Matchmaking in Los Angeles, CA

Matchmaking in Manhattan, NY

Matchmaking in Newark, NJ

Matchmaking in New Orleans, LA

Matchmaking in Palm Beach, FL

Matchmaking in Paradise Valley, AZ

Matchmaking in Philadelphia, PA

Matchmaking in San Francsico, CA

Matchmaking in Seattle, WA

Matchmaking in Washington DC


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The Best Matchmakers (95% Success Rate)*

VIP Love Introductions made by the Love Experts at Love And Matchmaking can be defined as “THE ONE you may be looking for”. These are the Personal Matchmaking selections that have helped us earn Five Stars and the notoriety as being some of the Best Matchmakers nationwide. These amazing singles can fit with who you are and what you want.

For many who have never used a Professional Matchmaking Service  before, or have used the wrong Personal Matchmaking Company in the past, you’ll likely have many questions. As a five star Consumer Affairs Authorized Partner, Love And Matchmaking is excited to answer any questions you have, and guide you through the whole Love And Matchmaking process. With a 95% Success And Satisfaction Rate from clients polled, Love And Matchmaking brings a very strong personal commitment to each person they speak with.    

The Love and Matchmaking agency can connect you with the best matches based on your personal preferences, desires, aesthetics, personality, humor and a myriad of other aspects. Having a team of Professional Matchmakers behind you, that understands YOU, can bring you  closer to taking back control of love in your life! Postpandemic online dating for professionals has become more time consuming and less effective than ever before. Its time to let caring professionals take lead!  Love and Matchmaking’s approach brings back real world, one-on-one, personalized connections in new and exciting ways! Being Executive Matchmakers for Professionals who have little time or interest in online dating, swipe-apps or postpandemic set-ups has helped us become the world's Best Matchmaking Company… in our humble opinion. Our  personal attention, combined with the methodology of our  Elite Matchmaking Services, have created a more EXCLUSIVE type of Matchmaking Agency.  

For more on our Personal VIP Matchmaking Service: click here.    

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