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If you are in an established relationship and are ready to level up, or you simply feel that you and your partner are on different pages - we’re here for you.


  • Are you and your mate having communication issues?
  • Exes in the way?
  • Are you trying to get the ring with little success?
  • Social networking driving you crazy?
  • Has the spark fizzled?
  • Are “date nights” duds?


From getting the spice back all the way to making the decision to “stay or go”, we can help you and your love figure it all out - one on one with us, or together as a couple.


We are a five-star rated service with the best matchmakers. This is what we are known for. This is what we do!


Love And Matchmaking™ is a full-service national company for most of America’s love-based needs, founded by internationally renowned dating/relationship experts and matchmakers Destin Pfaff and Rachel Federoff.  The lovable couple are known for their work on Bravo TV's hit series Millionaire Matchmaker as well as their numerous publication contributions - including Oprah, AskMen, Business Insider, Daily Mail and more. Building off the duo’s long history of successful matches and their incredible success rate, along with the use of their refined Lovebase™, Love And Matchmaking offers many free and paid services including: VIP Love Introductions/Matchmaking, date and relationship coaching and online dating profile refinement. This private and confidential service is perfectly suited for men and women of any age looking for their perfect match… and also for those seeking to fix their relationships with the best experts available.



Find out why is the best matchmaking service nationwide!

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