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Elite Matchmaking in New Orleans, LA

New Orleans Matchmaking

Millionaire Matchmakers Destin & Rachel of connect their affluent clients with the most eligible singles in the Big Easy.  Through their blend of data analysis and vast experience in personalized matching, coaching and Love Introductions, meeting and greeting highly qualified singles is fun and easy.  The tough part is deciding on which of the amazing things New Orleans has to offer for your date.

Known originally as “America’s most interesting city” – New Orleans has such a rich blend of cultural roots ranging from French and Spanish to Caribbean and African which all blend and complement each other.  The music scene is like no other with a range of great Jazz, Blues and Southern Rock clubs as well as top notch shows and theatre.  Stroll down the many clubs of Frenchman Street in the heart of the French Quarter. 

You don’t need to be New Orleans during Mardi Gras to enjoy the best of the city although it is not to be missed. 

NOLA, as the locals call it, offers a playground for the palate with its unique Cajun cuisine.  Whether you’re enjoying beignets at Cafe Du Monde or oysters at ACME you’ll find that food imitates life as the vibrant and lovely people of the town are as flavorful and spicy as their local delicacies.

We also highly recommend one of the classic paddleboat rides or a sail on the only steamboat left in NOLA; the NATCHEZ which can be boarded at the NATCHEZ Lighthouse.

Looking for LGBT Matchmaking in New Orleans?  The Big Easy is a fantastic and inclusive town with a thriving LGBT community.

If you are looking to meet the perfect match, the matching process is specifically designed and refined to provide very accurate matches based on more than just data.  As world-renowned Matchmakers, Destin & Rachel have many years of experience in matching amazing singles based on those more personal things that really matter.

If you want to meet great successful singles in the Big Easy don’t hesitate to join our New Orleans Matchmaking database or reach out to us for information on our personal matchmaking services.

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Elite Matchmaking in New Orleans:  Millionaire Matchmakers Destin & Rachel help VIPs and affluent executives find love.

LGBT Matchmaking in New Orleans:  Millionaire Matchmakers Destin & Rachel help VIPs and affluent executives find love.