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Get the help you deserve on the right dating sites that fit your needs! We create a dating profile for you that puts the BEST version of you forward to attract who you desire in a soulmate. You are unique, and we help you use that to your advantage. 

One of the best places to find love is online, but writing an amazing profile, choosing the right photos, understanding how to keep a chat brief, picking out the best potential matches and giving “good phone” before a first date can all be a challenge - and most people aren’t doing any of it right... at all. So instead of doing it all wrong, let us help you do it... and do it PROPERLY (so it actually works)!

From red flags to green flags - we analyze everything. We teach you how to communicate with possible matches online, get to the phone call quicker and get out on a great first date faster - all while saving your precious time... and lowering your chances of having a disaster-date!

We are a five-star rated service with the best matchmakers and loce coaches. This is what we are known for. This is what we do!



Are you in the public eye? Have a hard time dating because everyone seems to know who you are? We can help you find love in a safe, private, discreet and confidential way! Over the years, we have helped many high profile individuals find real love - love for who they are... not WHAT they are!



Have a secret crush? We may be able to help you meet (and date) that special someone.



Ever wonder what happened to that special someone from years ago? Can't seem to find them on social media or through traditional means? Do you even know if they're single? We may be able to help you locate, contact, and, in some cases, rekindle a lost love!



Hung up on your last relationship? Do old feelings continue to get in the way of you moving on with someone else? We may be able to help you exorcise those "ex-feelings" and become refreshed, rejuvenated... and ready for love again!


Don't see a "love need" listed here? We may still be able to help!


Contact us now and let's see if we can make your love dreams come true!


Love And Matchmaking™ is a full-service national company for most of America’s love-based needs, founded by internationally renowned dating/relationship experts and matchmakers Destin Pfaff and Rachel Federoff.  The lovable couple are known for their work on Bravo TV's hit series Millionaire Matchmaker as well as their numerous publication contributions - including Oprah, AskMen, Business Insider, Daily Mail and more. Building off the duo’s long history of successful matches and their incredible success rate, along with the use of their refined Lovebase™, Love And Matchmaking offers many free and paid services including: VIP Love Introductions/Matchmaking, date and relationship coaching, online dating profile refinement and more. This private and confidential service is perfectly suited for men and women of any age looking for their perfect match… and also for those seeking to fix their relationships with the best experts available.



Find out why is the best matchmaking service nationwide!

5 Stars and a 95% Success Rate*

*Based on polling data


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