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Date Coaching by Elite Matchmakers Destin & Rachel of Love And MatchmakingDating today is ever-changing and keeping up with the trends, with expectations and with your dating competition is getting more complex and technical.  From online dating profiles to the use of aps and onine dating sites, it's just not the same playing field.  

With our personalized date coaching you'll get ahead of the competition and connect with your partner.  


Unlock Your Dating Potential: At Love And Matchmaking™, we understand that dating can be a daunting experience. That's why our date coaching services are designed to empower you with the knowledge and confidence you need to navigate the complex world of modern dating. Our experienced date coaches work closely with you to identify your dating goals, assess your strengths and areas for improvement, and develop a personalized strategy for success. Whether you're struggling with first-date jitters, unsure about how to communicate effectively, or need guidance on building a meaningful connection, our date coaching sessions are tailored to address your unique needs.

Personalized Guidance Every Step of the Way: Date coaching isn't just about offering generic dating advice; it's about providing personalized guidance that aligns with your specific circumstances and goals. Our expert date coaches offer one-on-one sessions where you can openly discuss your dating experiences, concerns, and aspirations. They'll help you refine your dating approach, from creating an appealing online dating profile to mastering the art of conversation and building emotional connections. With our date coaching, you'll gain valuable insights, practical skills, and the self-assurance to make dating a more enjoyable and successful journey.

Build Lasting Relationships: While date coaching can certainly enhance your dating skills, it's also about laying the foundation for meaningful and lasting relationships. Our coaches are dedicated to helping you not only secure dates but also develop connections that have the potential to grow into fulfilling partnerships. By addressing your dating challenges and guiding you toward healthier dating habits, our date coaching services contribute to your overall relationship success. Whether you're looking for love, companionship, or a deeper connection, our date coaching can be a transformative experience on your path to finding happiness in your romantic life.

We can answer all of these common dating questions:

  • How do I maneuver the world of online dating?
  • Do I need a physical, mental or environmental makeover?
  • What’s my personal style?
  • I can’t stop thinking about my ex, can I get them back?
  • What do I do on a first date? On a fourth date?
  • When do we commit?
  • What do they really want from me?
  • How do I find my soulmate?
  • Are my expectations realistic?

We can help you figure it all out from step one to step one hundred!

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Love And Matchmaking™ is a full-service national company for most of America’s love-based needs, founded by internationally renowned dating/relationship experts and matchmakers Destin Pfaff and Rachel Federoff.  The lovable couple are known for their work on Bravo TV's hit series Millionaire Matchmaker as well as their numerous publication contributions - including Oprah, AskMen, Business Insider, Daily Mail and more. Building off the duo’s long history of successful matches and their incredible success rate, along with the use of their refined Lovebase™,

Love And Matchmaking offers many free and paid services including: VIP Love Introductions/Matchmaking, date and relationship coaching and online dating profile refinement. This private and confidential service is perfectly suited for men and women of any age looking for their perfect match… and also for those seeking to fix their relationships with the best experts available.



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Click here to contact us today to begin taking back control of your love life! 

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