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What makes an Exclusive Dating Agency?

Love And Matchmaking:  An exclusive dating agencyLoveAndMatchmaking offers an exclusive dating service which not only makes finding someone who is specifically suited to you far more hassle-free and effective than a dating app or dating site, but it offers a hands-on, personalized service which pre-qualifies potential dates to you based on your own set of qualifications and desires.  We screen potential matches personally, not relying on a computer program or algorithm to simply match individuals, yet using both statistical and human analysis to pre-qualify and then to actually qualify so that you are presented with dates which have real-world potential.  

Using an exclusive dating agency with years of experience, a 95% success rate* and internationally renowned celebrity matchmakers provides you with the people you want to meet while also using their vast experience in dating and private relationship coaching to prepare you for your matches.  We are your invisible wing-man/woman, helping where needed and where you feel comfortable, to fine-tune your approach, your look, and to show you that the things you may feel are your weaknesses are actually your strengths. Helping you to not only meet and greet your dates well, but to engage with them, to relax and to enjoy your date with more confidence and far fewer (if any) hiccups.  You’ll find yourself being more fun in the conversations you’ll have, while setting the stage for love and dating on your own terms.

With Elite Matchmaking You Can Take Back Control of Your Love Life

Whether you find love on the first try and decide to exclusively date that match or you want to explore different matches to see which one offers you the best connection, you’ll have all of the control and choice you desire to move positively in the direction of a lasting and loving relationship.

If you have never tried an exclusive dating service, you’ll find that having celebrity matchmakers and love experts on your side removes so many of the old obstacles to meeting people from finding them (not at bars and clubs or through friends) but through pre-qualified matches which fit with your own wants and needs.  LoveAndMatchmaking offers the best elite matchmaking service nationally so whether you’re in New York, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Miami, or San Francisco (or anywhere else coast to coast), you’ll have hands-on, personalized service.

Times change and dating changes with it, yet for people these days (whether professionals who have no time or individuals who have no desire to go through the same old process) it is a process which our matchmakers have made easier, more enjoyable and far more effective for not only meeting wonderful people with real potential, but with building the foundations which lead to lasting relationships.  

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  *Success Rate based on Services satisfaction of clients polled.