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Destin and Rachel are professional love and relationship experts and elite matchmakers having gained global awareness from the hit Bravo TV series Millionaire Matchmaker and WETV’s Million Dollar Matchmaker, where for nearly a decade they helped millionaires be matched with elite singles seeking real love and lasting relationships. They have introduced many VIP’s to their soul mates and have enjoyed many weddings, anniversaries and success stories of happy couples.

Destin and Rachel bring their expertise and unique approach to introducing and matching couples, based on a blend of technology and hands-on customized consulting to those VIP’s who have little time and do not want to use the same old apps, dating sites and scam services. They offer a truly personalized service and not a “millionaire dating site” that pairs affluent people with potential matches based solely on their wealth. Millionaire dating websites so often lead to consistently failed matches because the so-called “matches” are not based on real connections, shared interests and personal preferences but more on looks, desires, and often on less genuine motives.

Millionaires don’t want to meet people who only have interest in their affluence and after more than a decade of matching VIP’s, Destin & Rachel know that real and lasting connections are not just skin-deep or wallet-deep but are based on personality, chemistry, looks, education, sense of humor, likes and dislikes, along with a myriad of other important elements which go into starting a successful relationship.

As professional dating and relationship coaches they also work with VIP clients to make sure that little things don’t get in the way of finding love. They work hand-in-hand with clients and potential matches so that the advice they provide is based on the client’s specific desires, lifestyle, personality and more.

They do not force a connection but work with clients to iron out their approach to dating and relationships, from having fun to deep conversations, and they take so much of the nervousness, question marks and insecurities out of the equation leaving you to more confidently and comfortably enjoy your dates while avoiding having to put yourself out on the “market”.

As millionaire matchmakers and coaches,’s Destin and Rachel will make finding love, building deeper, lasting relationships not only easier, but more fun and efficient.

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