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They saved my love life. Like someone else on here I tried another matchmaker. I was switched around, sent on wrong dates and felt like I didn’t matter, just being serviced. With hesitation I came to Love And Matchmaking. I only ever spoke to two people. They took care of me, listened to me, and found me a beautiful match. I travel globally and needed someone to understand that. She did. I’m happy. These people are the way to go. Thank you.

Neal - Boca, FL


I came to Destin and Rachel in the winter of 2018 when my girlfriend at the time broke up with me. I was truly devastated to every definition of the word. I could not stop crying every day for months and was determined to do whatever it takes to somehow win her back. The internet is filled overwhelmingly with blogs and articles, Youtube videos and how to's about such circumstances, but the uncertainty of what to do is where I found myself overwhelmed, at a complete loss and desperate to find the perfect solution that suited me best.

Josh - West Hollywood, CA


DestinAndRachel were amazing. They helped me respect, and value myself and to see love differently. They helped me love myself which is most important above all. They are encouraging and enlightening to speak with. I would recommend them to anyone looking to find love!

Christina - Memphis, TN


I have worked hard all my life. Good at that but not with love. I'm busy and time went faster than I realized in life. This investment was worth it. Man or woman, I believe they can, and for me did, what they say. Love is important. Relationships are hard and they made it easy even with my schedule. If you can do this you should.

Martin - Seattle, WA


I used Destin and Rachel and they were amazing. It took some patience, but it paid off. This is my second go around after I tried someone else on this list that I had to give a negative review to. I should have just chosen them in the first place. A+

Sam - Miami, FL


I dated a great lady through these guys. She was beautiful, attractive, engaging and sweet. Mallory listened to me and I felt heard and understood with my feedback. A lot of rules to follow but I see why. Really great experience here.

John - New York, NY


I can't say enough good things about Destin and Rachel. They give great advice without games or gimmicks and really care about their clients. They helped me tremendously with a particular love situation I was faced with and always listened to me with care and respect - I couldn't have gotten through it without them!

Kim - Los Angeles, CA


I was seeking a long term relationship for years now. It was frustrating to say the least. I signed up with Destin and Rachel without much expectation, frankly. But around 7 or 8 months into it, I started seeing someone I liked a lot. It's going strong and I couldn't have done it without their help. Sometimes you just have to wait and to trust and things will come.

Anne - Teaneck, NJ


Destin and Rachel came through with what they promised. I was concerned that it took a while to get rolling, but when they did, it was fun and I’m happy. Completely worth the investment. Good people that delivered. Would definitely recommend!

Chris - Pittsburgh, PA


I signed up with DestinAndRachel a while ago. I’m an executive in my fifties that has near zero time to date. I paid the fee, did their interview and waited. A few months into it, they sent me out on a date. Nice guy, matched up to me in all the right checkboxes - but no chemistry. Next guy was better. By the time I was on my fourth match, it hit. He is smart, funny, driven and my equal. We’ve been dating for months, a lot of months. We’re in Hawaii together right now (still beautiful even with everything) and it is perfect. I had given up on love, and outsourcing was my final try. Frankly, I wish I could use them in all the other aspects of my life from workforce to finding someone to fix my car! I may not be the most romantic person, but they have given me the chance to feel like I am. Thanks guys!

Gabrielle - Boston, MA


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