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The Best Matchmaking Service Nationwide 

What makes the team at Love And Matchmaking the best? 

It begins with the passion for helping people find truly meaningful and fulfilling relationships that founders Destin and Rachel share throughout their careers as matchmakers.

Love & Matchmaking is Top Rated on Consumer Affairs

They have spent years as professional VIP matchmakers from their time with Bravo's hit series Millionaire Matchmaker and with their internationally renowned VIP Love Introductions & Matchmaking service, they have had the privilege of helping so many people take back control of their love lives.

Being the Best Matchmakers means blending trust, experience and a splash of high-tech. 

Trust is a key element to being the best in matchmaking as one is dealing with the very personal and private elements of a person’s life.  They open up and provide details of their lives and desires and place their trust in us to not only listen and learn about them but to take the time and the intense effort to find the one who will make their lives more complete.  

Matchmaking Experience is the Key to finding the best possible matches.

Experience is vital as we know how to help a client feeling relaxed, open hearted and looking forward to the real and exciting connections ahead of them.  It requires experience in realizing their true wants and needs as well as their fears and deal breakers from past experiences which they don’t want to repeat.

Experience is also necessary for finding qualified potential matches by weeding out the ones who have less-genuine motives in mind, whether they are more interested in a client’s position or wealth than in finding true love. That’s what sets us apart.  

Finding matches is one thing, while connecting people based on personalities and specific characteristics is another key area where experience is vital.  We’re matching people with real lives, histories, likes and dislikes and not just for a “one-nighter”, but for something lasting and REAL.  Love and Matchmaking™ Thrives as a One-Stop Shop
for Single, Busy Professionals in All 50 States


Blending High-Tech & Hands-on Services for Targeted, Customized and Successful Matchmaking

The most exciting step for us is the matching process. Our system offers no online frustrations, no dating-site poaching, only years of experience and the use of over thirty one different “points of touch” tools to connect you with the right matches in order to start an amazing relationship - this includes using our Lovebase™, recruiting, referrals, relationships and our Human Enhanced Algorithm™ (HEA); our proprietary HEA helps us find the best possible matches for you by turning our intuition into an algorithm!

Check out our Elite Matchmaking Services and VIP Love Introductions.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients, protecting their personal data which is stored securely on our own servers.  We do not share, sell or market anyone’s personal data in any way, shape or form – period!

What about our process makes this truly the best Matchmaking Service around?

This is a 5 star rated, confidential and private personal Love Introductions Service for singles looking for attractive, intelligent and REAL matches. 
We do things differently. We do things properly. We get our clients into REAL relationships.

•    Personal search for love
•    Dates that fit you
•    Services which can last more than a year
•    Attractive, educated matches
•    Local love introductions
•    Enhanced Vetting
•    Considerate of your time
•    Feedback and coaching
•    Private and confidential
•    High success rate
•    Personal attention
•    Human Enhanced Algorithm™

This is why is considered among the best matchmaking service nationwide, and why we have a 95% Success Rate*


Whether male or female, straight or LGBT, single, divorced, or widowed, the people we work with are typically highly-educated and between the ages of 27-75.  They vary in ethnicity and have different belief systems - Christian (Click here for more information on our Christian Matchmaking Services), Jewish, spiritual and beyond.  Although each of our clients are unique, many can have careers that range from (but are not limited to) CEOs, attorneys, tech & sales execs, celebrities, doctors, entrepreneurs, educators, professionals, or retirees - all looking for that one thing missing in their lives… love.

Due to our reputation and recognition in the industry, our network of staffers and colleagues, and our proven love strategies - we have the means to help clients anywhere in the US (and in some international locations).  Most often matching them right where they live!

As you begin your adventure in dating, we collect extensive feedback and provide coaching to you along the way.  This is all done with the prime goal of helping you fall in love and keep your relationship successful!


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I came to Destin and Rachel in the winter of 2018 when my girlfriend at the time broke up with me. I was truly devastated to every definition of the word. I could not stop crying every day for months and was determined to do whatever it takes to somehow win her back. The internet is filled overwhelmingly with blogs and articles, Youtube videos and how to's about such circumstances, but the uncertainty of what to do is where I found myself overwhelmed, at a complete loss and desperate to find the perfect solution that suited me best.

Josh - West Hollywood, CA


What's Best:  Matchmaking or Dating Apps?

We take pride in our industry reputation, extensive network, and proven love strategies. Our team of dedicated professionals includes matchmakers, relationship experts, and coaches who are passionate about helping you find love. With our company's expertise, we can assist clients throughout the United States and some international locations. However, our primary focus is on connecting individuals with potential partners in close proximity to their own location.

As you embark on your dating journey, we provide comprehensive feedback and ongoing coaching to support your quest for love. Our goal is not only to help you find a partner but also to nurture a successful and enduring relationship. With our personalized approach and commitment to exceptional service, Love And Matchmaking stands as the best matchmaking agency.

Join Love And Matchmaking on the path to finding meaningful connections. Let us guide you, offer personalized support, and assist you in creating a fulfilling and lasting relationship. Your happiness is our ultimate goal, and we are here to make your journey to love a remarkable experience.

*Based on polling data