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Finding love and living happily ever after is a sinch in Wilmington with the world-Renowned Services of Dustin and Rachel from

Dustin and Rachel have developed a fun and effective way of matchmaking with great events where you can meet and mingle, as well as VIP Love Introductions that connect you with singles who are custom matched based on your specific qualifications.  Love And Matchmaking uses advanced data analysis blended with the high-end personal “hands-on” attention paid to their busy affluent clientele, enabling them to meet and date in a much more relaxed and time-efficient manner while meeting dates who are highly pre-qualified matches.

Delaware is a great city to find love and plan some interesting dates. Fun fact: Did you know that Delaware became America’s first state in 1787. Wilmington was the first permanent Swedish settlement in America in 1638. After all this time it has acquired a long fascinating history and has plenty to do with your love match!

Wilmington is the spot where the famous Du Pont family started their business 1802 and remains to this day. If you want to catch a glimpse of the way early American aristocrats lived visit The Nemours Estate. A romantic endeavor, Alfred fell head over heels with this his second wife, whom he married in 1907. He loved showering her with gifts. This Incredibly lavish 47, 000 square foot mansion is a sight to behold and one of his most impressive gifts to his dear Alicia.  The interior is abundant in crystal chandeliers, tapestries, paintings, and antique furniture. It includes a 10-acre French style garden. Take a tour with your date and enjoy the luxurious monument.

Of course, Wilmington is also the birthplace of our 46 presidents of the United States, Joe Biden.

Moving on to more romantic ideas... how about a lovely canoe ride as you serranid your special match with the musical styling of yours truly? Not musical? Okay, no problem, the canoe ride is romantic enough! Wilderness Canoe Trips offer day trips of canoeing & kayaking along the Brandywine and Christina River.

If you and your match love the water but are not feeling like a vigorous workout you can simply stroll down the Wilmington Riverwalk along the Christina River. It is a great place to experience the Wilmington skyline and sunsets. Awarded the Traveler’s choice award in 2021.

How about some wining and dining for you and your date? Highly rated romantic restaurants and bars include Wilmington’s finest, Banks Seafood Kitchen, for ambiance, spectacular food and service. Also, Sullivan’s Steakhouse is another great choice for a romantic dinner.

After an elegant dinner, the Grand Opera House is an impressive venue with great sound quality and a good selection of shows. Take the opportunity to see a show with your special someone.

This port City has a lively LGBTQ scene for those looking for fun and interesting dates for their LGBTQ matches.

Yes, Wilmington has much to offer for exciting dates with your love connection. Let Dustin and Rachel assist you in making your romantic dreams come true.

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