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Matchmaking in San Jose, CA


Are you a successful female looking for a quality match?  “Man Jose” as it is referred to is a great place to be. San Jose is known to have a plethora of single successful men to choose from. Enlisting the expertise of Dustin and Rachel from will solidify your success in the arena of love.

Of course, there are women in San Jose as well, it may be more challenging to find that special lady in a man dominated city, but do not fret! You can get help! Millionaire Matchmakers Destin & Rachel of offer their elite clientele a variety of special events for VIP Love Introductions while their unique proprietary system blends technical data-analysis and hands-on personalized matching to offer elite singles the opportunity to ditch the apps, dating sites and tacky bar scene and to meet wonderful singles in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

The process is specifically designed and refined to provide very accurate matches based on more than just data.  As world-renowned Matchmakers, Destin & Rachel have many years of experience in matching amazing singles based on more than just data but on the more personal things that really matter.

Now that you have found your perfect match lets start planning some fun ways to get acquainted!

San Jose is bustling with some great places to explore!

How about a little excitement? You can share a thrill at California’s Great America. Ride the rollercoasters and get your heart pumping. Spend the day laughing, eating junk food, and having fun.

Not into loud parks and fried twinkies? No Problem. How about doing something good for your bodies? Let’s start this relationship on the right foot. It is never to early to develop healthy habits, but it is definitely more fun to do them together. Get stepping on some of the beautiful trails at Alum Rock Park. You can activate your endorphins, which if you don’t know is a natural aphrodisiac. Spend the day enjoying fresh air, exquisite nature in all her glory and each other.

If you are into some creepy history, you can visit the Winchester Mystery House. Learn all about the Winchester Gun Empire. They even have tours at midnight on Friday the 13th! Now that is some freaky fun.

Of course, we can’t talk about San Jose without mentioning some museums, especially The Tech Interactive. This museum of innovation will inspire you as you explore various technologies and how they impact your life and future!

You can go for a lovely stroll and breath in the amazing rose scented air at the award-winning Municipal Rose Garden. Abundant in various varieties of stunning roses.

After your stroll why not get a couple’s message at The Garden Spa? Pamper yourselves and delight in the sensations of touch and relaxation. Your body will thank you and it will be a great way to take away any first date Jitters.

Why stop at a message? Have a romantic dinner at Le Papillion. Share a great bottle of wine and a four-course meal. They also have a fun tasting menu you can try.

You can step back in time and enjoy a good meal at Orchestria Palm Court Restaurant. Listen to some early jazz and ragtime music or their self-playing violin. Have some Boeuf Bourguignon, Grass Fed Rib-Eye or delicious Shrimp Scampi.

Are you LGBTQ in San Jose? San Jose is known to be a gay friendly city. It has several openly gay bars and many gay friendly restaurants and establishments. The LGBTQ community is vibrant in San Jose and with the expertise of Rachel and Dustin of you will find success in making a lifelong connection.

If you want to meet great successful singles don’t hesitate to join our San Jose Matchmaking database or reach out to us for information on our Matchmaking Services and our VIP Love Introductions either give us a call at: (844) 489-LOVE or use the form below to send us a message or question.

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