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Matchmaking in Salt Lake City, UT


Salt Lake City is a fine place to find love and meet your match with the expertise of Dustin and Rachel at In fact, they make matching in Salt Lake City fun and effective with great events for VIP Love Introductions and with the high-end personal attention paid to their affluent clientele.

Did you know that Salt Lake City is known as “The Crossroad of the United States”?

It got its name due to its proximity to the Great Salt Lake, in fact, it was originally named “Great Salt Lake City” but in 1868 the “Great” was dropped. The Great Salt Lake is the fourth largest lake in the US and has a reputation for being stinky, it is also known to have its fair share of bugs, regardless, it’s worth at least a onetime visit if you’re a tourist! However, you may not want to swim or plan your date there!

Of course, being “salty” is not the first thing you think of when you think of Salt Lake City. It is acknowledged for its high Mormon population. It has more Mormons than any other state. Over two million call Salt Lake City their home.

So, it might surprise you that Salt Lake City has a vibrant LGBTQ community and was voted the “Gayest City in the USA” by The Advocate in 2012. If you are single, LGBTQ and wanting to meet your match don’t discount this very interesting city!

Millionaire Matchmakers Destin & Rachel of offer their elite clientele a variety of special events for VIP Love Introductions while their unique system blends technical data-analysis and hands-on personalized matching to offer affluent singles the opportunity to ditch the apps, dating sites and tacky bar scene and to meet wonderful singles in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

A fun fact about Salt Lake City: According to Kraft Foods, Salt Laker’s are accountable for consuming the highest amount of JELL-O per capita. Members of the Mormon church are recognized for their love of the jiggly dessert and the region in Utah known as the “Mormon Corridor” has also affectionately been referred to as “the Jell-O Belt.”

Aside from plenty of  Jell-o,  if you’re hungry Salt Lake City has plenty of restaurants. How about taking your love match to one of the cities most romantic restaurants? It is a restaurant with a love story from the nineteen twenties. This distinctive place was created as a special anniversary gift from L.F. Rains to his beloved wife. It is located amongst waterfalls, towering trees, and plenty of wildlife. You can find hearty rustic dishes such as bison with Poblano chilis, pan roasted wild salmon or seared scallops with risotto. For a very intimate experience try Table X. Boasting some of the top chefs in the city, this restaurant has a modern yet cozy atmosphere, delectable choices on their tasting menu and also has a large selection of vegetarian entrées.

You will also find plenty of shops, bars, and dance clubs in addition to museums, galleries, theaters, spas, and tours. Varley is a great place to share some cocktails. It has a relaxed sophisticated atmosphere, strong drinks, and tasty bites if you get hungry.

One of the greatest things about Salt Lake City is its numerous outdoor recreational activities. Plan a hike along the mystical red rock slot canyons, climb Dogwood Crag, or drive 20 minutes out of the city to Lake Blanche, a stunning alpine lake.

Salt Lake City is a great place for love and matchmaking! It has so many sights to see, an abundance of natural beauty and every man-made convenience just at your fingertips.

The matching process is specifically designed and refined to provide very accurate matches based on more than just data.  As world-renowned Matchmakers, Destin & Rachel have many years of experience in matching amazing singles based on more than just data but on the more personal things that really matter.

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