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Elite Matchmaking Long Beach, Ca

Matchmaking in Long Beach, CA


Rich in arts, culture and music Long Beach has some exciting date options once you have met your match!

Anyone who enjoys blue skies and water will be happy as a clam here. Long beach is a port city and known for its waterfront attractions.

A super fun date to plan would be to take the Catalina Express to the island for some shopping, lunch and maybe even parasailing. A great little island exclusion laughing and site seeing with your new love interest.

Perhaps a day spent at the Aquarium of the Pacific? This place is awesome with so much to explore. Say Hi to the new baby otter or the new baby shark (do do dodotido, baby shark) in the Shark Lagoon exhibit.

Another fun idea is to rent a big swan paddle boat for the day and kick around the Rainbow Lagoon park.

If it is December, then you mustn’t miss the opportunity to view the holiday lights along the Naples Canal. Ride a romantic gondola around the canal as the holiday lights reflect of the waters. Bring your guitar and your camera so you can serenade your sweetheart and take some fun first-time couples’ photos.

Long beach 2nd street is a prime shopping area. The streets are lined with fun and quirky little shops and boutiques. After your done grab a bite to eat at one of the many little cozy restaurants nearby.

Get some laughs at the laugh factory! Get some drinks, relax, and enjoy a night of jokes by an up-and-coming comedian.

Long beach has a sizzling night life. Whether you are in Belmont Shore, downtown or the East Village you will find a variety of bars, clubs, and restaurants to cut loose in.

Long beach is known for its fresh seafood. You can wine and dine your date at Queensview Steakhouse. They have great waterfront views, white linen tables, mouthwatering entrées, deserts, and good service. All the right ingredients for a magical night. Utopia Good Food &Fine Art is a cozy Bistro with a great wine bar and some great dishes too.

Long Beach is a fun and diverse city with one of the most LGBTQ friendly community’s around. If you are single and LGTBQ then you will find lots to do in this city for some memorable dates.

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