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Over our more than 20 years of combined experience in matchmaking, Destin and Rachel and their team at have evolved and adapted in numerous ways.  Although change and growth are necessary for any business, we still remain true to our original objective of being the most successful, personal, all-encompassing matchmaking service in the industry.  


How do we do it?  It begins with quality, not quantity.

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To maximize our potential for success, we only work with a small percentage of the people that come to us.  We utilize our full business resources, energy, and time to help our clients find love efficiently - being considerate of their busy lives.  That way we can remain hands-on and personal - unlike large, corporate matchmaking companies that simply service clients by throwing a bunch of dates at them.


Whether single, divorced, or widowed, the people we work with are typically highly-educated and between the ages of 27-75.  They vary in ethnicity and have different belief systems - Christian, Jewish, spiritual and beyond.  Although each of our clients are unique, many can have careers that range from (but are not limited to) CEOs, attorneys, tech & sales execs, celebrities, doctors, entrepreneurs, educators, professionals, or retirees - all looking for that one thing missing in their lives… love.


Due to our reputation and recognition in the industry, our network of staffers and colleagues, and our proven love strategies - we have the means to help clients anywhere in the US (and in some international locations).  Most often matching them right where they live!




How Do I Get Started?

The first step in taking back control of your love life begins with YOU… doing a simple little action:


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The next step is to fill out our My Love Profile Form.  This adds you to our Lovebase™ (an enhanced database we utilize for SOME of our matchmaking).   It’s quick and easy… and kinda fun!  It helps us learn more about you - making sure we can be as successful as possible if we move forward together. The form is CONFIDENTIAL, will not be posted online for public viewing and is for our eyes only.  Your privacy is important to us.  Filling out the form is free and does not obligate you to anything. You can fill that out here.  Once submitted, we will review it and do our due diligence to achieve an understanding of who you are, your demographics, desires and deal-breakers.


Once you become an actual matchmaking client, we then get to know you on a much deeper level through meaningful conversations, consultations, profile building, and more.


That brings you to the exciting step for us... the matching process!  No online frustrations, no dating site poaching, only years of experience and and the use of over thirty one different point of touch tools to get you into an amazing relationship - this includes using our Lovebase™, recruiting, referrals, relationships and our Human Enhanced Algorithm™ (HEA). Our proprietary HEA helps us find the best possible matches for you by turning our intuition into an algorithm!


As you begin your adventure in dating, we collect extensive feedback and provide coaching to you along the way.  This is all done with the prime goal of helping you fall in love and keep your relationship successful! 




But Can You Really Help Me?

Due to the rise in frustration with time-sucking online dating sites, along with the popularity of professional matchmaking, the floodgates for almost anyone to think that they can become a Date Coach, Matchmaking Guru, or “Love Expert” have really opened.  The truth of the matter is, almost all of them CAN'T.  In our opinion, matchmaking is not something that can work within a corporate or peer-to-peer environment.  It is specialized and dependent on the ‘human touch’ - not just a computer program or handbook.  It is not something a magical class or certification will give legitimacy too.  It is something earned from years of experience, hands on training, and inherited intuition.  That is what we believe we have.


  • We are there every step of the way.  We do not disappear, we do not just “service” you, and we stay involved from the beginning through the early stages of the relationship - encouraging, coaching and correcting where we need to.
  • We have been around for many years, which has brought us quality, reliability, and success.  We have your back, as we are in this for the long haul with you.  Although this may equate to a higher price point, it is well worth the investment.
  • Word of mouth is a powerful tool in this industry and we pride ourselves on our high success rate and the incredibly kind words from previous clients.  Our reputation precedes us.  You can even check us out on Consumer Affairs.  Please understand though, matchmaking is usually private and confidential, therefore many clients may not state their appreciation publicly, but that doesn't mean they don't love us!
  • We are open, transparent, and straight forward.  There are no hidden gimmicks or unexplained fees when working with us. 
  • We are real people that understand love and the importance of a long-term relationship.  We are all human beings, with human factors that come into play every day. We are real... very good at what we do... and we can do it for you!




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