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As executives in today’s business world, we know that 9-5 is a myth; it’s more to the point that “if you don’t come to work on Saturday, then don’t bother coming in on Sunday”.   Finding time to date or find love, while holding an executive position, can seem like even more of a challenge than quarterly reports.  What can executives do to more efficiently maximize their time and end up the better for it?  Executives tend to follow the ethos that you find the right tool for the job and count on professional advice, you’ll take advantage of the experience and expertise of professionals and experts who have made it their life’s work for your needs. This isn’t only in the business world, but also in the personal one.  You’re in an important position that heaps great responsibility on you and you have little time to waste or for error.  

LoveAndMatchmaking works with the same ethos.  We provide the high-level of experience and expertise in finding love, making customized matches and personal introductions, and providing personalized coaching to our executive clients so that they can spend what precious time they have enjoying the company of someone who has been compatibly matched to their specific tastes and desires.

As an elite executive matchmaking service with many years of successfully matching fantastic people; we have bridged the gap between the art and science of connecting people, as our VIP Love Introductions provide the opportunity for meeting and dating the best potential matches based on your own set of criteria. 

For those who have been “off the market” or who have become tired of the meat-market bar scene and swipe-left app scene, it is refreshing to find that there is a way to meet people who themselves are bright, educated, attractive, and fun-loving who want the same thing.  

In the beginning many of our executive matchmaking clients tell us that they’re too hard to please or that they don’t have the time or that the type of person they want is simply not out there.  With a 99% success rate as stated by our polled clients, we have heard year over year, how they have found fun, deep and lasting relationships through our process.  Our methods blend personal hands-on consulting by seasoned professional matchmakers with modern strategies to match our clients with people whom they want to meet, know and love.

We look forward to answering your questions and are happy to give you a walk-through of our experience, our services and our successes.  



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