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January 20, 2017

We recently posted a little video on our Instagram dubbing Wednesdays #WhatAboutYouWednesday. Why? WHY NOT! One of the first and most important things to have at the ready when it comes to finding love is YOU.
YOU need to be whole within yourself before you can find your other half. Taking time out once in a while to do something fantastic for yourself is important. Believe it or not people can see when a person is lacking self-confidence and esteem. Think of it like a scent that you are giving off.

Today you are going to go out and do something for YOU!
Get a massage you’ve been really needing. How about buying that pair of jeans you know you feel great in? Take yourself out to a nice dinner, sit at the bar, order your favorite meal and have a relaxing cocktail. Go see that movie you’ve been really wanting to see but have had no one to go see it with- go alone grab some popcorn and enjoy! Get a mani/pedi – guys you can do this one too!
Love yourself and love will find you! If you need a little help we are the perfect Date Coaches to guide you all the way. Drop us a line or give us a call!

January 04, 2017

Happy New Year!
Its time to put you first and do what it takes to be happy! Lets us help you! In less than ninety days and for a lot less than you think – we can help get you into an amazing relationship! Email us today and lets start THIS WEEK! What are you waiting for???!!!
Destin and Rachel

January 17, 2017

The world is made up of everything technology… including finding love. We have moved on from the age old art of matchmaking to signing up and joining one or more dating sites. Even our social networks have become a place to meet that someone special.
We create profiles sending out the message "Here I am world, me in all my glory! Now, send me my soul mate!" What happens next? We get TONS, and I mean TONS, of winks, hits and PMs, but they’re ALL WRONG for us! We ask ourselves "WHY?"
Here are the top 5 STRANGEST things people put in their DATING PROFILE that we simply SOH (Shake Our Head) to.
The "I’m in a towel, in the bathroom so look at me" selfie mirror pic- no one needs to see ANYONE in the bathroom doing ANYTHING. Especially when your bathroom isn’t the cleanest. Gross.
The "Here I am, but I’m standing with my EX and pixeled his face" pic- ALWAYS post pictures of you and just YOU! No one wants to see a creepy floating body next to you with some blacked out head. Just plain awful. One word – PHOTOSHOP.
Talking about how you are looking for someone to sit on your lap and "play daddy with"- Yes folks, we have seen this first hand in profiles. Not only does it REEK of creepy, but it also sends out the obvious message that you are just looking for sex.
Posting your residence or business in your profile… SERIOUSLY?! Have you ever heard the term STALKER before? Be safe, not stupid!
The "here’s a nice pic of my feet." – being proud of your body is fantastic! Showing just those bits in your pictures… well, there are special sites for that.
Don’t be part of this kind of profile madness! Get the help you deserve and we KNOW you will succeed! Give us a call or email us!