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August 28, 2015

Everyone at some point has dated, dumped, and been dumped. Let’s face it we all have ex’s! Ok great but what about the gift that keeps on giving – an Ex that just won’t go away! It’s over now move on- nope. How does one get rid of an Ex that just won’t let go? If you’re the one, how can you get over your ex once and for all?
There are many ways to stop the Ex from popping back up like last night’s indigestion:
DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! – still pals on Facebook? Keeeping up on your Ex’s whereabouts on Twitter? Looking at all those happy single moments on Instagram? Well not anymore! CUT THEM OUT!- mutual friends? Still chatting on the phone with their family? Sorry, not sorry but that’s a big no-no. STALKER MUCH?- is your Ex showing up everywhere you go? Are YOU the one "just happening to be in the neighborhood?" One word- UH, NO. (Ok, so that was two words.)
These are just a few of the many ways to EX-orcise your demons of the past. You broke up- ’nuff said. We can help you all you have to do is ask! There’s some AMAZING person out there waiting just for you!

August 26, 2015

You met, dated, and now you think you’re in love. What’s next marriage? Family? Hold on there let’s take a breath and back it up a smidge. Looks like it’s time to merge lives – time to Co-habitate! More and more couples are out with the old fashioned way of getting married then moving in they are living with each other first. Time to see if we are compatable before we take the plunge into Happily Ever After.
There are tons of positive results when moving in with your mate before marrying them. Always make sure you both are ready. Can you imagine if you married your true love, moved in, then realized they were a complete slob? Or vice versa! We can help you figure out how to go about finding the perfect place for BOTH of you. We can help you learn to deal with an accept eachother’s quirky habits, collections, and interests. How about creating a space that represents each of you instead of fighting over what stays and what goes?
When you’re ready to shack up hit us up! Contact us today to get going!