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Dating apps are just that... apps.  They are computer applications or programs which take simply data and match them.  

They do so numerically and with the cold-hard computational effectiveness of any computer... soulless and impersonal. 
We trust our lives to computer algorithms from search engines to air traffic control.  However you can benefit from the massive quantity of calculations and the breadth of comparison that a computer can do but the end result is the same as what was entered... data.  It might be refined but that depends on the programmer and the tasks programmed into the algorithm or computer program. 

Dating is not a soulless, computer program... it's not speed-dating in the Matrix!   

We knew this going into the development of our system, called the HEA or Human Enhanced Algorithm.  This advanced system not only matches many charateristics of the individuals' profiles but also allows for the necessity of the human element by allowing our professional Matchmakers to input their vast expeirience in matching to turn the data into actionable insight.   

Regarding matching, no compelling evidence supports matching sites’ claims that mathematical algorithms work— that they foster romantic outcomes that are superior to those fostered by other means of pairing partners. Part ofthe problem is that matching sites build their mathematical algorithms around principles—typically similarity but also complementarity—that are much less important to relationship well-being than has long been assumed. In addition, these sites are in a poor position to know how the two partners will grow and mature over time, what life circumstances they will confront and coping responses they will exhibit in the future, and how the dynamics of their interaction will ultimately promote or undermine romantic attraction and long-term relationship well-being. As such, it is unlikely that any matching algorithm that seeks to match two people based on information available before they are aware of each other can account for more than a very small proportion of the variance in long-term romantic outcomes, such as relationship satisfaction and stability.   Source: 

We not only take each element which applies (height, weight, religious or political beliefs, financial status, etc, and make them apply as a range.  We offer each weights which are customized to you specifically.  This allows you to not only get potential matches which are statistically in-line but these data points or personal charateristics and traits are then customized to you specifically.  Then we further use our hands-on experience in refining and further-customizing these potential matches to you based on our interactions and interviews and discussions with you and with the potential matches.   
Online dating apps, services, and so-called "matchmakers" use quantity over quality.  They offer limited but highly promoted "servies" to a large number of clients for a small to average or even large fee while offering little more than statistical matching, pretty pictures and empty promises.  

The sales pitches are good and yes, you bet... it'll take some frog-kissing they are quick to tell you.  They rely on quantity due to the turn-over of customers and many also make more on the backend by selling data. 

We use algorithms and statistical analysis as only a tool in the toolkit.  The real heavy lifting comes in the knowledge of preparing, meeting, dating and relationship building that comes with years of experience building lasting, loving relationships.  True matchmaking means getting to know who it is you are matching and with whom.   

We don't rely on the "hey we got you 5 great matches and you turned them down... not on us!".  This isn't a food-truck or the scratch-and-win lotto card.  This is your love life, your hard earned time and money from your own blood, sweat and tears so it should be respected and your desires should be focused on.  You should have a team which spends the time to know you and who has the real-world experience to cut through the stats and the unknowns to find you hinest matches and who will be with you while you build your profile, your appearance ,your flirting and conversational skills, while you go through the first, second and further contacts, dates and on to the next deeper and more fulfilling steps of a relationship. 
You find a lawyer, an accountant, a doctor when needed - an expert in their subject-matter when you truly need it or deserve it.  

You rely on their experience and trust their advice.  You don't want a doctor to diagnose you based on statistics but you want them to utilize such tools based on their experience in the OR.  You want them to look at you and your individual circumstances and provide the best advice and cure that will bring you better health and well being.   

Your love-life is one of the key parts of health and well-being and your heart is not only helped by a cardiologist... but a true Love expert who can fill that healthy heart with love... can be just as vital to one's wellbeing as your diet, workout and doctor visits. 

Our 99% Success rate shows us that we're doing things right and that we take our jobs and our singles' lives, desires and goals to heart.  It is time that you take the first step in finding real and honest love.  It's time to meet, greet, date and build a quality, lasting and fulfilling relationship.  We're here to help you.  We are here to answer any questions you may have.  

We look forward to helping. 

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