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Are Matchmaking Services Worth The Money?

Are matchmaking services worth the money?

Yes, but it depends on which service. This is a very subjective question. In order to answer it we can look at two different perspectives. One is generally speaking and the other is more specific.

Are matchmaking services generally worth the money?

To answer this we need to look at what a matchmaking service is and what is actually gained for the cost.

What does “matchmaking service” mean?

A matchmaking service provides tailored potential “matches” to the client who is seeking to meet and date another quality single. The matchmakers will learn about you and what you are looking for, building a very in-depth profile of you and your desired partner in order to match the many elements from looks, to age, gender, sexual preference, location, likes, dislikes, etc. The list of attributes for which you want to find in a match can be long and nuanced so the matchmaker should be an expert in understanding, matching, dating, and relationship building to find true value in your expenditure.  

A massive difference between a dating site or app and a matchmaker is that it is not left up to a computer to do the matching. However expert matchmaking services do use technology to improve the service, not to do the work for them.

A key portion of the service is compatible introductions which means that matchmakers must have access to people and be able to match them to you based on your specific preferences. This also means that they must be able to have access to these individuals.

Once the profile is created and the technological matching is done, the professional matchmaker will fine-tune the specifics of the matches to you which should focus on actual hands-on dialogue – getting to know you and to really get who you are, what you want and what makes you happy. One can match on demographics and statistical data alone and never find the right match but when one takes the effort and time to get to know what you seek in another or in a relationship then it is the stuff upon which couples are made.

Another key aspect of the service should be support. This isn’t just a service which matches and then leaves you to go it alone. The matchmakers should be with you along the way, supporting you before, after, and even during a date when necessary. It also includes refining your dating skills, confidence building, dating-analysis and advice, among other important support services.

As to the benefit for the cost, you can look at gains and savings.

Gains: For many successful people who don’t have the time, the experience or the best of luck with dating and relationships, it is well worth it to have professionals assist you because you get the most out of it without the time and effort required to meet, greet, date and relationship-build, especially using dating apps, bars and clubs or blind dates.

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Both you and the matches presented know that the matchmaker is in the middle. This is a position of familiarity and ease where both know exactly what is happening and what the expectations are. This means that there is a level of comfort established from the beginning and the normal ice-breaking (which can be awkward or time-consuming) becomes far easier. The ice is already cracked before you even meet.

It is worth thinking of a professional matchmaking service and their expert matchmakers in the same way you would think of an attorney or a doctor. When you need one and you can afford the highest quality… you don’t settle for anything but. Your love life is no different.

Finding casual encounters is not why you want a matchmaker. You want one to find you compatible people who actually fit your lifestyle, needs, and what you are looking for.

The savings are seen in the time not wasted in finding and meeting singles on your own whether it includes going out to a bar or having to read through tons of profiles, blind dates or other time-consuming/wasting endeavors. There is certainly a saving of money when you spend less or you have more time from using a professional matchmaker that you can spend building your success. There is also the savings of the negative elements that come with meeting through apps or bar scenes whether through disappointment or outright crash-and-burn dates. Not that all dates will be perfect with a matchmaker, however dating this way means you have the benefits of compatibility going into it, personal introductions to break the ice, and support to help lower hurdles and make the date far more successful (and enjoyable!).

For those who outsource their love life to a matchmaker and find love and a fulfilling relationship with someone who fits their desires while not having to go through the bar-scene, speed-date, swipe-right processes, but instead spend their time well… it’s absolutely worth using a professional matchmaking service.

Are Elite Matchmaking services worth the money?

Again this is a subjective question because firstly it depends on whether elite professional matchmaking is right for you and your life, timing, location, finances, etc. If it is then we move on to whether Elite Matchmaking is right for you.

Elite Matchmaking is not about elite clients or elite matchmakers (even though the term can apply to both). The “elite” referenced above is referring to the service.

Love And Matchmaking provides elite matchmaking in that our service provides a very high-level of matching, has access to elite areas, and has an elite level of success to name a few.

As mentioned above, technology plays a role. We have developed a proprietary system, our Human Enhanced Algorithm (“HEA”). The HEA handles a very deep level of statistical analysis and matching which takes many attributes across many topics (from looks to beliefs to demographics and more) and matches on the entire profile. The “Human Enhanced” element includes the expert matchmaker refining, tailoring and training the HEA to provide more specifically tailored matches.

The ability to do this across a large list of potential matches provides you with far higher-quality matches.

Love and Matchmaking has numerous fountains of potential matches; one is our Lovebase which is our database of singles who desire to be matched to great singles. But our specialty lies in our ability to go out and find quality singles regularly across the country.

The pandemic has really had an effect on relationships and dating opportunities so many are seeking that connection and they reach out to us to help. This provides us with a great quantity of potential matches that your matchmakers can then take through the process to eventually lead to a great introduction.

Our elite matchmakers have extensive expertise in dating, relationship-building and support. We are there with you and for you. Whether it is building your internal profile, fine-tuning your knowledge of how to present yourself on social platforms, preparing you for dating or a specific date, support during the date or analysis, advice and fine-tuning after your date - to taking it to the next steps of a long term committed relationship- we are a full-support team for you. We are your “wingman” or “wingwoman” waiting in the wings.

So when you take the experience, the technology, the hands-on customized matching, the potential matches waiting to be introduced to you, the personal introductions to them and the high-level dating preparation and support that Love and Matchmaking offers, you’ll see why we have a 95% success rate and are worth every dime.

We believe that it is well worth it to have the best matchmaking services working for you to match you to someone who will make your life richer, fuller and happier.

Let’s chat about what Love and Matchmaking can do to find you the match that you deserve. Call us at (844) 489-LOVE or via the form below. We look forward to your success at love.


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