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What is Matchmaking?

Matchmaking removes the hurdles of finding the right partner by allowing us to do it for you. From introducing you to amazing potential matches to helping you improve your dating skills to much more, we do it all so you can focus on enjoying your match and the chemistry between you.

What kind of introductions will I have?

The types of matches will be completely customized to your criteria from physical appearance and attraction to religion and education, moral and societal views, wants and desires, success, hobbies and passions, life & time constraints and much more.

What makes us different?

We are exclusive, and care deeply. We have an extremely successful approach to matching- offering a more intensive and personal process than many others. Our focus is NOT database dating, but FINDING the right one for you. This is your life, and we take it seriously using our three core values…compassion, understanding and integrity.

What is our Success Rate?

While others may base their success off of one good date, we assess our clients satisfaction as a whole. 95% of our clients polled are completely satisfied with our passion in finding them loving, committed relationships.

Our Elite Matchmaking includes all of the elements you need to successfully find your life partner:

  • Dating & Relationship Experts with a track record of success
  • Human Enhanced Algorithm
  • Matching Support and Advice
  • Philosophies and Protocols to enhance the Experience
  • Coaching (dating, flirting and understanding)
  • Feedback Processing (what their feedback really means and how to respond)
  • Image & Lifestyle Consulting as needed
  • Exclusive VIP Love Introductions with Attractive, Intelligent and Successful Singles

Our Celebrity Matchmakers Destin & Rachel are world-renowned Love Experts.

Destin, Rachel and their team provide personalized one-on-one services which are highly tuned to your specific desires. Using our in-depth interviews and vetting, backed by our unique Human Enhanced Algorithm which blends human refinement with statistical analysis, we are able to provide highly-targeted matches and personalized introductions which can bring you together for a fun and relaxed date.

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